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What The Future Holds | Pantone Reveals Color of The Year 2018 | Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet, a rich purple with blue undertones that inspires visions of distant mountains and the vast night sky, has been announced as Pantone’s Color of The Year for 2018.

Purple is associated with royalty, creativity, power, and ambition. In addition, the shade also has strong spiritual connotations – representing future, imagination, and dreams and having both an ethereal yet grounding quality.

Pantone’s vision for this particular hue is “a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade,”  which “communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us towards the future.”

Ultra Violet is Ultra Modern

It certainly is a statement color, one that is unapologetic and sure to turn heads in the home. Pantone has proven it’s forward thinking when it comes to color choices before, and we’re excited to see where Ultra Violet makes waves in the year ahead. We asked designers for their thoughts on the hue and where they could imagine using it.


“I love the imaginative richness of Ultra Violet. It is a color of creativity, intelligence, and boundary-pushing. I would ground it with strong natural elements — unbleached wool and linen, handblown glass and oiled wood — to support heady Ultra Violet as it goes off on its journey to change the world.” — Stephanie Seal-Brown – Textile designer


“This is one of those colors that provides a fun or dramatic accent in any room! Just a touch of it on a pillow, or in a painting offers an unexpected pop of color.” – Dionne Dismuke of Landy Gardner Interiors


 “We’ve been in a white, bright moment for some time and now the color palette for the upcoming year is getting darker and moodier. Ultra violet brings energy and vibrancy to a space; the purple hue is associated with royalty and can be used in light touches to create a large impact. I’m not sure that a color as bold as ultra violet will turn into a classic – it’ll remain trendy.” – Chad James.


“Ultra violet reminds me of a vibrant dahlia amongst greenery on a whimsical summer day or a sultry velvet throw for a wintery night near the fire. Regardless, the color is luxe and sexy and exudes confidence.” – Nina Magon