LUXBOOK Bathroom Décor

As one of the smallest rooms in the home, the powder room offers an opportunity to run with some of the more audience-dividing decorative ideas – which you might be reluctant to commit to in a more central room such as the dining room or lounge. Interior designers often explore bathroom décor concepts in this space such as graphic wallpaper, rich saturated colors, and ornate furnishings.

It can be fun to add a splash of the quirky and wondrous in a space where it’s least expected. Décor did well, the bathroom door can feel like Narnia’s Closet, an entrance to another world – one brimming with luxury, escapism and rich visuals.

Double Vision

Design by H3K

Symmetry is a simple way to make a visually striking impact and metallics are even better. Double up on furnishings and highlight a feature shelf with your favorite lustrous shade as the backdrop. Gold and bronze, in particular, will pop against a white base – instantly offering luxury and tranquillity.

 Jungle Fever 

Design by Estee Stanley

It’s hard to go wrong with palm print and a bathroom is an excellent choice to showcase your own slice of the iconic wallpaper – just be warned guests may be tempted to spend more time perfecting the quintessential palm print selfie than in your company. Finish the look with bohemian furnishing and you’re well on your way to creating a personal paradise.

Bone Inlaid Armchair  —  657 Grand Cadre Mirror  —  Malachite and Ormolu Lion Box

Black & White Escape

Design by Susan Jameson

If you have the space for it, subtly define sections by incorporating bold detailing on the vanities, shower, and bath – creating a sense of rooms within a room. Scenic wallpaper will really amplify the effect of having just stepped into another dimension.

20th Century Armchairs   —   Bombé Commode   —  French  Console

Optical Illusion

Design by Robert Couturier

Optical illusion: The bathroom is the perfect place to showcase tiling, and the geometric result is hypnotizing, especially when the shape is repeated in the flooring. Contrast textures – like the natural wood pictured here against the glossy ceramic – for added visual interest.

Stoneware Corner   —  Primitive Irish Chairs    Rattan Basket

Romantic Encounter

Design by Suzanne Rheinstein

A powder room can offer a romantic step back in time – perhaps to a quieter era, like a stately manor in the English countryside, where smartphones didn’t exist and it would take a full day’s journey by horse and carriage for anyone to interrupt you. Storied antiques and a soft color palette are recommended for anyone with their heart set on this effect.

Italian Pottery Urn  —   English Giltwood Mirror  —  Art Deco Carrara Shell 

Light it Up

Design by Jenny Wolf Interiors

Pierre Chareau Sconce    —   Spanish Screen   —   Mid-Century Modern Italian Chairs

It can feel counterintuitive to go for dark colors in a small space but don’t be deterred, done well these shades create an intimate and soothing atmosphere. Choose rich colors like chocolate brown or forest green, with warm undertones to ensure depth rather than sterility. Soft lighting will add to the romantic ambiance.

 What do you think about these bathroom and powder rooms? See more design on LUXBOOK to Get the Look of any professionally designed space.