Parisian Style | Taking a Cue from Jean-Louis Deniot

Photography by Laura Liberal

First of all, Whoa! Stepping into this room is like visiting Paris without the need for a passport! Jean-Louis Deniot accomplished upscale elegance in the creation of his Eiffel Tower design. Pure Parisian Style.

The light purple, silver and gold embellishments found throughout the room work together in creating a royal sensation. The attention to detail is undeniable, from the wall paneling to the decor displayed on the coffee table. Art plays an important role in Paris. After all, Paris is home to The Louvre. This design takes from the Parisian appreciation for the arts by incorporating various artwork and sculptures everywhere.

Take a cue from Deniot to get this look! 

Hello, Paris

Parisian living room by Jean-Louis Denoit
Living Room by Jean-Louis Deniot

“To know Paris is to know a great deal.” – Henry Miller


So are you thinking – Where do I start? Well, you could always call Deniot who says, “Listen to yourself, to choose what feels right. Whatever seems logical to you, follow your instinct and learn from those who’ve had great careers.” but in the mean time here are some ideas to effortlessly accomplish Parisian Style:

  • General rule of thumb is to keep it classic, yet contemporary
  • Use a neutral color palette to bring balance to the room
  • Make room for Parisian romance with Blush tones
  • Incorporate unique and bold art pieces to add a sense of playfulness to the decor
  • Layer the space with antiques and whimsical works (After all, Paris is known for its flea markets.)

Want a similar aesthetic? To add a special touch of elegance to your decor, check out Diesegno Karina Gentinetta‘s Chandelier or Jonathan Burden’s Louis XV Style Grey Painted Bergereson, both of which are featured here on our website! Want to See More?

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