LUXList Designer Edition | Christina Roughan

With a style that melds modern and traditional, Christina Roughan has attracted a wide international client base. Christina started out working at Ralph Lauren and lists fashion as one of her sources of inspiration.

She launched her first interior design firm in 1996, titled Sullivan Design, and after expansion she relaunched as Roughan Interiors in 2008. She has designed homes in the city and country and her work has been featured in design magazines including House Beautiful and Elle Decor. Christina’s designs have a sense of assuredness and self-confidence. They are both elegant and stately, and always feel contemporary.

Discover more about our LUXList Designer’s inspiration and aesthetic! See what pieces they choose from to be on her LUXList.

Christina’s LUXList Picks

Mirror covered with parchment by Jacques Adnet, 1940-1950
Kieselstein-Cord XL Alligator 18K Green Gold Bracelet
Arthur Elgort “Haylynn and Lida”
Fernandez Arman, ” violins” bronze sculpture coffee table
Hervé Langlais Geometric Table

Describe your design aesthetic in a few words?

Modern traditional style that is tailored, friendly and chic.

What do you love about using antiques in your designs?

Antiques give a room depth and honesty especially when combined with proper décor, it tells a story.

What inspires you?

Art and its many mediums, including film, music, life, fashion, interiors, and color, inspires me.

What can you never have too much of?

White gloss paint and Diptyque fig candles.

If you could design for a fictional character who would it be and why?

Lady Mary Crawley as it would be one hell of a fabulous job!

This NYC apartment is a tranquil haven with its use of soft whites and warm textures. Photo credit Nick Guttridge
Thoughtful furnishing selections ensure a handsome lounge looks cozy and inviting. PC Jane Beiles
An intricate chandelier takes center stage in this dining room vignette. PC Jane Beiles

About Christina Roughan

Roughan Interiors is the international design firm of acclaimed interior designer C.S Roughan. Christina’s vast experience and keen eye have enabled her to create warm, sophisticated interiors that are timeless and sophisticated while remaining friendly and approachable.  Christina believes that interiors are to be lived in and reflect the people who reside in the space. “All interiors should be designed with intent while remaining aesthetically purposeful and elegant.”

Roughan’s design portfolio is known for combinations of texture and subtle color while combining modern traditional accents to create livable, crisp interiors. She has designed interiors throughout the world and her client range is as diverse as their locations.

With a reputation for listening carefully to the needs of clients, attention to detail, and discretion, Roughan has become a favorite of international celebrities as well as design editors at Interior Design magazine, Andrew Martin Design Review, New York Spaces, House Beautiful, Elle Décor, Ct Cottages & Gardens and At Home to name a few.

Roughan began her design career with iconic brand Polo Ralph Lauren, designing and overseeing the implementation of retail stores and showrooms worldwide. In 1996, she started Sullivan design which transformed into Roughan Interiors located in Weston Ct and a Satellite office in NYC. Her talent for combining modern and traditional interiors in unexpected ways garnered the attention of prominent clients such as Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan and Takashimaya.