LUXList Designer Edition | Andrea Brodfuehrer

Andrea Brodfuehrer of von b interiors is our LUXList Designer this week. She composes interiors with sophistication, grace, and beauty that welcomes you with warmth and charisma.  Her LUXList is perfectly curated and blends timelessness with modern flair. Andrea a NY based designer currently serves as Chapter President of the International Furnishing and Design Association (IFDA) — New York. Discover how Andrea is inspired to create beauty in the world. Find your inspiration along with Andrea’s LUXList picks on 

Andrea’s LUXList Picks

Table Lamp, Glass Lobmeyr
A very fine late gust avian mahogany commode signed by Isac Lofgren
Elegant German Biedermeier Sofa
Four-Bulb Wall Light
Matrix in Creation

“I’m literally obsessed with this Lobmyer glass table lamp. It has so much personality — a complete riot that’s sure to set a stunning scene in any room. I just can’t decide whether I should be pulling out the party hats and cocktails or easing into a silk robe with red lips and a nightcap. It doesn’t matter —  this is a lamp I need in my life. It elevates the every day!”

Describe your design aesthetic in a few words?

Shamelessly sophisticated: layered, warm and alluring

Do you use antiques in your design? If yes, what do you love about using antiques?
Absolutely.  Antiques possess an extraordinary power to transcend
space and time. They excite all five senses. Individual objects create
drama and collections give us the freedom to curate personal stories

What inspires you?
Literally everything! Art is a major inspiration but I’m especially
influenced by architecture, form and the combination of textures and
materials used in fashion.

Andrea designed a stunning Classic Glam living space with the gold details and bright colors blended with neutral gray
This bay window has a story to tell. It is one of beauty, history, and grace presented by perfectly curated pieces.
The Perfect Pattern Play. We love everything about this vignette by Andrea Brodfuehrer

von b interiors is a full-service interior design studio that offers design and renovation solutions for residential and commercial clients. Founded by Andrea Brodfuehrer in 2012, the design practice exhibits a tireless passion for serving clients and composing highly personalized interiors. Small room refreshes; small-to-large-scale renovation work, and new construction projects all receive the same level of attention to ensure efficiency and the best possible outcomes.

von b interiors‘ process is focused on collaboration and committed to offering intelligent direction at every phase of a project in order to deliver a design experience that is transparent, responsive, foresighted, and flexible. As a matter of style, von b interiors does not subscribe to any particular mode. The studio’s expressive environments are attributed to the natural interplay between Andrea’s traditional sensibilities and contemporary verve. Skillfully composed, each project is unique, shamelessly sophisticated, and claims Andrea’s sense of warmth, artistry, and allure.