LUXList Designer Edition | Chad James

Nashville designer Chad James began his firm Chad James Group in 2011. Thus beginning a chain of masterfully designed residential and commercial projects. His designs display depth and an extreme attention to detail. They look polished and elegant, while still feeling relaxed and inviting. Chad James is our LUXList Designer – discover more about this southern designer, his designs, and what inspires him day to day.  He has curated an enticing LUXList of his favorite pieces from We won’t give away anything else, you’ll have to read to find out for yourself.

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Chad’s LUXList Picks

Robert Polidori – Gallery of Battles, 1985
A Pair of Contemporary Steel Floor Lamps with Pewter Finish
An Arts and Crafts Style Oak Refectory Table

“I chose Jonathan Burden’s Mirror because I appreciate when details become the leading role and the link at the top speaks to this.”

1) Describe your design aesthetic in a few words?

Our design aesthetic can best be described as Creatively Curated, with extreme attention to the smallest of details.

2) How do you use antiques in your designs?

Antiques and found items are always a part of our design collaboration. One of the most exciting moments is when you find that perfect piece that gives you the feeling that you have conquered your quest. I find myself often searching for unique items that truly round out the design of our projects and help tell the story of years gone by. Antiques bring with them a certain level of authenticity which provides interiors with a certain dimension that cannot be achieved when purchasing items that are brand-new

3) What inspires you?

Honestly, as cliché as this may sound I’ve learned to be somewhat of a sponge and absorb feelings, moments, & conversations.  Design is about your senses and I truly feel that as a designer there is never a moment that I’m not finding inspiration  from the things that I see. More directly I am inspired by nature, my incredibly talented staff at Chad James group, and the love that my family and friends continually share with me.

We the love the unique “dining room set for two.” Two uniquely displayed and designed tables that is. The multiple lighting options give this room great forms to work with. Photograhy by Alyssa Rosenheck
One can never go wrong with crisp, white sheets. Adequate seating is important for a bedroom. We love these gold chairs flanking the bed. Photograhy by Alyssa Rosenheck
This Chicago kitchen packs a powerful statement. Who says one shouldn’t put living space furniture in the kitchen. Why not enjoy your company, while you’re preparing the meal. If this is wrong, we don’t want to be right! Photograhy by Alyssa Rosenheck

Chad James had a vision. He’d begin a new architectural consulting and design firm in Nashville, Tennessee, centered on a meticulous approach to quality in design. This dedication to detail has become a mark of his reputation.

As the principle of Chad James Group, Chad leads a talented team of trusted designers in creating a uniquely tailored experience for each client they serve. CJG continues to add projects to a rich international portfolio complete with whole home renovations and new commercial construction, like refined office spaces, iconic restaurants, and art-driven boutique hotels. For CJG, no project is too large and no project too far.