LUXList Designer Edition | Justin Shaulis

We love exploring designer projects in the pages of our favorite magazine. Inspiration abounds and we always uncover a new design idea from their projects.  LUXList Designer Edition is all about Justin Shaulis a New York City Interior Designer who makes us swoon. This man knows just how to work a room, literally. See his LUXlist below- a collection of his favorite pieces from and learn how he puts a whole new spin on “strike a pose”  for interiors.
LUXlist for Justin Schalis

Justin’s LUXList Picks

Limited Edition Flush Mount Chandelier by Fedele Papagni for

Gaspare Asaro, Italy 2014

Silk Artistic Rug by August Herbin

An Antique Portoro Marble Arched Irish Fireplace Mantel

The Paulette Chair

Italian Side Table Magazine Rack Mahogany Att. Ico Parisi

Describe your design aesthetic in a few words?
Contextualist: My Aesthetic is a direct response to the personality and lifestyle of the client while balancing the locale and context of the project.

Do you use antiques in your design? If yes, what do you love
about using antiques?

Using well-crafted and cared for Antiques in projects introduces a warm atmosphere, imparts a storied pedigree but most importantly echoes the personality of the inhabitants.

What inspires you?
Generally, Travel, Fashion, and Art are great starting points to get inspired by as are Color, Texture, and Light. For me, the greatest inspiration often comes from unlikely places seemingly disconnected from Interior Design: Conversation, Music, Theater and Nature.

Justin Shaulis_5280
Grey, Gold, & Beautiful. We can’t get enough of the unique color palette from the sheer grey curtains to the gold details. This is a perfect living area for entertaining friends.
Photo Jan 06
This bar seems to be plucked from a classic novel brought to life masterfully by Shaulis. The details on the bar cabinetry make this a standout design.
Justin Shaulis is a designer with twin talents: an architecture background and in-depth knowledge of interior elements. He transforms homes, apartments and venues into stunning environments for a stable of clients who demand luxurious surroundings. 
Balancing the classic and the modern, he approaches each project collaboratively with the client. This means that the aesthetic varies with the influence and the context. What remains consistent is the devotion to exploring lifestyle, a theme he understands with depth given his own appreciation of luxury, and all it brings to an environment and its occupants. Based in New York City, he has completed work throughout the US, Caribbean and the UK.