LUXList Designer Edition | Lee Cavanaugh – Cullman & Kravis

Design Partner at Cullman & Kravis, Lee Cavanaugh (associate of previously featured Claire Ratliff) is all about grandeur grace. Her impressive portfolio of New England projects is a testament to her love of all things art. All her designs are carefully considered and effortlessly blend together elements into a completed whole that positively speaks. As this week’s LUXList Designer, Lee teaches us a lesson in refined elegance.

Find all of Lee’s LUXList picks here and see how you would piece them together.

Lee’s LUXList Picks

1970s Art Deco Design Italian Black and Gold Glass Cabinet
Set of Brass “Onda” Coffee Tables
30mm Tubogaz Bracelets
Set of Eight Directoire-style Dining Chairs
French Polished Brass Chandelier

Describe your design aesthetic in a few words?

I’m drawn to an eclectic mix. I like the ambiguity of collected spaces so they aren’t able to be categorized as strictly any style. And glam, always love glam in any form-metallic, gold, lacquer etc.

What do you love about using antiques in your designs?

With so much of modern design being accessible today, I love using antiques to make a space unique and interesting. Whether the client has their own collection or has asked us to shop for a specific project, antiques represent a memory and add a layer.

What inspires you?

As cliché as it sounds, the streets of NY. I could walk down the same street every day and find something new to inspire me each time. A stone door casing, clothing on a random passerby, a store window (especially jewelry), iron doors and gates have always been of particular interest with the unique patterns…

What is your favorite LUXList piece and why?  How would you use it?

Onda coffee table:  Such a fun form that can go in either a traditional or modern apartment!  The mixed materials are so successful giving the piece a nice balance between having weight without feeling too heavy. I love how delicately the top sits on the base and the whimsical waves of brass give it so much personality.

Bathing in plenty of natural sunlight, Lee’s chosen pieces for this room both opened up the space and create a sense of comfort all at once.
Embracing golden hues, this bedroom is truly fit for royalty.
It’s no secret that Lee loves textiles–she oversees the C&K fabric collection at Holland & Sherry–and she isn’t afraid to shake things up with a few wild patterns here and there.

Lee Cavanaugh, Design Partner at Cullman & Kravis, grew up largely in Vermont and has been devoted to all aspects of the art world since an early age. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Art and Design at the University of Vermont, she furthered her creative talents at Parsons New School for Design in NYC where she studied Art and Architecture. Lee came to Cullman & Kravis in 1996 and has since headed a range of noteworthy projects including an estate in Connecticut, a duplex in New York City, and a Hampton vacation home—to name a few. She oversees the C&K fabric collection at Holland & Sherry and is a mastermind in flea market shopping, frequently traveling between New York, Connecticut, and Paris to find the most unique pieces for her clients. Lee is passionately dedicated to the designing of textiles, furniture, and lighting. She houses an impressive art collection in her New York City residence which she shares with her two young daughters.


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