LUXList Designer Edition | Mark Cutler

Australian-born/ LA- based Mark Cutler likes to design spaces that are as worldly as they are timeless. Paying great attention to the personalities of his clients, Mark strives to shape environments that will continue to delight them long after the final piece of decor is put into place. Knowing that inspiration can come in many forms and from a variety of places, Mark is always open to experimentation and elevating pieces into a context one might not always expect.

Find out what makes this week’s LUXList Designer tick, and how he became a master at marrying the unlikely together.

Mark’s LUXList Picks

Japanese Wooden Kettle Hook

Conical chest of drawers, Denmark 1830.

Italian 19th Century Monumental Bed Crown Canopy “Corona” Traces of Silver and Gold Gilt

Limited Edition Flush Mount Chandelier by Fedele Papagni for Gaspare Asaro, Italy, 2014

Sheep Stools with black wool in the manner of Claude Lalanne

Describe your design aesthetic in a few words?

I see myself as a design matchmaker. My job is to bring disparate design elements together and create harmonious relationships. So my work is certainly multifarious in nature with an often irreverent blend of styles and periods. I want it to look like this is a design that grew over time with pieces you bought, pieces from your parents and grandparents and of course that odd piece from weird uncle Charlie.

What do you love about using antiques in your designs?

Absolutely! While I use them mostly as decorative elements I think the use of antique and vintage pieces add a sense of detail and
warmth that modern pieces simply can’t give. Of course, antique and vintage do not need to be synonymous with expensive, I love a good bargain bin, some of the most interesting pieces are the ones I find there.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by a good story! Whether it’s where the piece comes from, who it was owned by or even what it was used for. Changing its context is one of my favorite ways of making you look at a familiar piece in a fresh way. Like using vintage farm tools as Sculptures in a city dwelling or using machine parts as planters in an uber chic apartment. The blend of city and country or high and low will always inspire me and hopefully create moments that force people to stop and think.

What is your favorite LUXList piece and why?  How would you use it?

Japanese Wooden Kettle Hook

Something as simple as a hook you use to hang your Kettle on is elevated to a piece of fine art. I would use this as a piece on a powerful clients desk, a way to remind him that there is beauty and honor in the most mundane of occupations.

Mark isn’t afraid to be bold with vibrant colors and strong designs that make a statement.
Of course, he still has a soft side and loves to work with more neutral colors that subtly complement each other.
A dining room is all about the mood lighting, and Mark plays this up with a chandelier, sconces, and candles that cast a warm glow.

About Mark Cutler Design

Mark Cutler creates individualized environments for his clients, who want personal, elegant homes.   With a strong background in both architecture and interior design, Mark lends a broad scope to any project, whether it’s an original home, a renovation or an addition. Mark has an intrinsic understanding of all areas of the budget, design, and construction – from plumbing to passementerie.  Mark’s keen insight into projects lends his designs longevity and depth.  “My clients aren’t interested in passing fads,” says the Australian-born designer.  “They want a classic design that will delight them for the years to come.”  His extensive travels give his designs an authentic worldview, influenced by history and modern life.  “Reaching into the past, we hope to design for the future.”  “Our work is a form of portraiture – we aim to create a reflection of our clients, not just another version of ourselves.”

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