LUXList Designer Edition | Michael Del Piero

We love showcasing a new interior designer every week, giving a glimpse into their beautiful designs, creative talents, and their personal shopping list. Each designer carefully selects pieces that inspire them, so they can do the same for you. This week’s LUXList Designer Edition is all about Michael Del Piero, a Chicago and Hamptons- based designer who finds balance and sophistication in every project she tackles. Explore the unique interiors designed by Michael inspired not only by those living in the spaces but also by using her expert eye blending sculptural furniture, textures, and modern artwork. Each space blends generations of style to strike a serene and simple balance that is reflected in her LUXList selections. We hope these choices inspire you to mix the old with the new and create a space that is simply your own!

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Michael’s LUXList Picks

1970s Terracotta Abstract Sculpture Signed “Guidi”

Hans Gugelot ‘GB 1085’, Daybed 1954

Armchair as in the style of Carlo Mollino

Writing Desk by Børge Mogensen

The Flag Halyard Chair by Hans J. Wegner

1) Describe your design aesthetic in a few words?  

Traveled and textured. Sophisticated and serene. We balance sophistication with approachability.

2) What do you love about using antiques in your designs?

Antiques bring warmth and interest to a space without even trying. Weathered and worn objects add character and emotion. Sculptural mid century ceramics say something a new piece could not.

3) What inspires you?

Love, kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity, and sincerity.

4) Which is your favorite LUXList piece and why?  How would you use it?

I would use all  six items in the same house, and even in the same room! My personal favorite is the leather chair, which serves multiple purposes; in addition to providing seating it is also a dramatic sculptural accent. We tend to use single chairs in most of our living spaces. A well-proportioned option such as this one is easily mixed with other shapes, colors, and textures.

This living space truly comes to life with unique art pieces and layering of luxurious textures.
The earth tones make this shared bedroom a neutral paradise. Each piece could stand on its own but together make this bedroom a tranquil retreat.
Take a cue from Michael’s design – Give a corner new life with with low seating in various styles and forego window treatments- Let the light shine.


Michael Del Piero founded Michael Del Piero Good Design in 2007 based on three simple principals: Strive for balance. Create interiors as current as they are enduring, as sophisticated as they are approachable, and as unusual as they are beautiful. And take care of clients as if they are royalty, serving their needs and lifestyles above all else. A curious soul, a world traveler, and one of the earliest vendors on 1st Dibs, Del Piero is known for her accomplished eye and uncommon knack for a serene and simple mix that bridges generations of style. Her distinct aesthetic fuses rough with luxurious and ancient with modern.

Her fresh approach to “the mix” has garnered accolades from a worldwide and most discerning clientele.  Recognized by industry leaders, Michael has been touted by Metropolitan Home as a tastemaker, The New York Times as a style maven and in 2009 was honored with the distinguished “Ones to Watch” award presented by the Chicago Design Community. Fueled by her global finds and an appetite for all things beautiful, in 2008 Michael opened her eponymous shop showcasing sculptural furniture, unusual objects and abstract art, the venue bows to the “never precious” style of its founder.

Michael’s work has appeared in over 350 interior design blogs as well as national and regional publications such as Traditional Home, House Beautiful, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, and 1st Dibs Introspective who declared her work as “truly, one of a kind”. Her projects are also featured in popular interior design books including House Beautiful’s Kitchens, Chicago Spaces and the international publication, Visions of Design. Prior to embarking on her interior design career, Michael spent two decades as an Executive Coach, consulting primarily for Fortune 500 companies. She raised two daughters on Chicago’s North Shore and resides between the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago and New York’s Hamptons.


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