LUXList Designer Edition | Mitchell Hill

Mitchell Hill is the brainchild of two creative minds; Michael Mitchell & Tyler Hill. We are delighted to spotlight them on this week’s LUXList Designer Edition. They are a talented team who work hard to find the perfect products for their clients and provide fresh, unexpected designs. Learn about this  dynamic duo in Charleston  who run a successful design firm, create stunning pieces, and own an art gallery. Design your own LUXList on

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Describe your design aesthetic in a few words?
Always led by the client’s needs, we love the idea of marrying fun  and sophistication. If we had to narrow it down to design terms, we’d say we love a relatively layered look. Half the fun is in the hunt, and finding those pieces from different eras and styles -that on their own, standout – but when together really create a unique, cohesive story . I do like mixing in antiques as accessories with an occasional piece of furniture. In our own home, we’ve gathered pieces that speak to our lifestyles, our travels, and our experiences, which in turn, reflect our design.

What do you love about using antiques in your designs?
Antiques immediately bring a sense of history to any space. Currently, we’ve been finding ourselves gravitating towards Asian antiques . One of our favorite eras is an empire (English) because of the clean, strong lines. Empire lends itself to a more masculine feel . The lines can be subtle and overall, create a strong presence about it that draws the eyes to special empire pieces throughout a room. The challenge (and beauty) about working with antiques is that they are one-of-a-kind, due to this inability to order as many as one would like, it drives the creative mind into using pieces for different function; i.e a sideboard can land in a bedroom, entrance hall, or under your television. Nothing has to be used for what it’s “intended for”; the sky is the limit.  

What inspires you?
Traveling, walking the streets of NY & Charleston and taking in all the two cities have to offer. Being really aware of our surroundings is the key to inspiration . We’ve found that these people, places, and things that are a part of our lives – be it on the street or in a movie we love – inspire us in our designs and our very own collection of product, Gilded Metal. The world is a work of art all its own, just the other day we saw a pattern on a floor at the airport and thought, “wouldn’t that be great as a fabric or a backsplash in somebody’s kitchen?” and the rest is history…

Why the Robert Polidori photograph?
“Green is very natural , dominant color that’s very soothing  – not jarring. I find the color to be one of those miracles that compliment everything and an easy tool to layer everything against for interest. Art pieces always draw guests in, and they create this question of, “what story lies behind this” which furthers into telling something about the client

– Michael Mitchell

Karson-TylerHill-0779 (1)
We noticed something slightly familiar about the artwork, which really sets off this vignette.
Mitchell-Hill 99 South Battery Living Room
A good rug can bring a room together. A great rug can make a room stand out.
Mitchell-Hill 2 Magazin Stairwell
We are reflecting on the refreshing use of color on this staircase designed by Mitchell Hill

Tyler Hill was born in Austin, TX, Hill attended Schreiner University and The Art Institute of Charleston. As both an Interior Designer and Furniture/Lighting Designer, Hill enjoys having the presence of Mitchell Hill’s growing firm in people’s homes around the world. His goal is to continue to build each project around his clients’ personality and taste, whether that’s designing bespoke pieces for their home or fine-tuning their current collections . Hill enjoys “Using our clients’ history and their home’s locale, and installing our own design perspective.” As the co-owner of theMitchell Hill Gallery, he appreciates the unique atmosphere curated by his creative team and loves to get to know the artists as well as find new talent.

Michael Mitchell was born in Charleston, SC, Mitchell attended the University of South Carolina. He started his design work while in college and continued on to NYC, where he designed for years. In 2010 he returned to Charleston and opened Michael Mitchell, a gallery, and design firm. Now as an Interior Designer and Co-Owner of Mitchell Hill, he loves that every day is a new day with new surprises, new adventures, and brand new relationships. Mitchell looks to continue growing as a brand and company. Brightening client’s lives through changing their environments for the better brings Mitchell joy.