LUXList Designer Edition | Natalia Miyar

With experience in both architecture and interior design, this week’s featured LUXList designer is Natalia Miyar, a woman with worldly inspirations and a knack for developing rooms that reflect their environment. Striving to add a touch of glamor to every space, Natalia seeks to provide both comfort and elegance. For Natalia, it’s all about striking that perfect balance.

Learn how to create effortless charm with Natalia’s RubyLUX picks and bring a bit of her elevated style into your own life.

Natalia’s LUXList Picks

A room should always have a conversation piece and this statement chair, a mix of art and function, would look great in a living room.
Cocktail Table
I am partial to chunky, orthogonal coffee tables as I think they ground a living space. I love the burled wood.
Monolite” Flair Edition Marble Lamp
I love marble and this faceted lamp has substantive style. I use black often as an accent color to great effect. I would update the shade with a tonal patterned linen.
Vintage Oversize Beni Ourain North African Berber Rug
Monochrome, softly textured rugs anchor a room. I love the abstraction of this Berber rug which looks quite contemporary.
Large Lapis Normandie Box with Malachite Cabochon
Blue and green are one of my favorite combinations. It is so natural, the color of trees and skies. This beautiful box in lapis and malachite would make a statement on a coffee table.

Describe your design aesthetic in a few words?

I believe in effortless luxury – style that is tactile, immersive and glamorous but doesn’t try too hard.  I like to say that in my interiors you should feel equally comfortable in jeans or a cocktail dress.

What do you love about using antiques in your designs?

Antiques have character and soul that comes with age. There is a different, often more vibrant energy to a vintage piece. I use them casually and weave them in my interiors both as a statement and supporting pieces.

What inspires you?

Everything – art, nature, fashion, history, travel.  I think it is easy to find inspiration as long as you spend time each day looking around you. I walk to work, read books and buy tickets to exhibitions well in advance so it is sacred inspiration time. We often get tunnel vision by focusing on our daily work tasks as design professionals. Finding time to be inspired is equally important.

Patterned pillows add interest to a cozy couch; it’s a carefully considered dynamic between comfort and style.
Nothing adds a touch of chic like shiny copper to catch the eye. These bold chairs are perfect for making a statement.
Natalia accentuates this workspace with warm tones that positively glitter and bring new energy to the room.

About Natalia Miyar Atelier

Global travel, a rich cultural heritage, and an academic background are the driving forces that inspire Natalia Miyar’s work. An intuitive creator with a love of beauty, Natalia approaches design with an understanding of balance and proportion. The results are spaces which are both serene and lively.

Natalia’s natural and learned ability to blend comfort with glamour has been honed in her transatlantic practice of architecture and interior design. As an architect, she developed a passion for materiality – a devotion she has carried through into her interior architecture and design work for a discerning national and international clientele.

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