LUXList Designer Edition | Philip Gorrivan

Philip Gorrivan is an interior designer who isn’t afraid to take risks and be bold when it comes to creating homes for his clients. He knows the importance of considering a client’s personality and lifestyle when it comes to design, and he also knows that every client is different, which is why, having taken these factors into careful consideration, each one of his spaces is different. Having opened his Manhattan-based interior design firm, Philip Gorrivan Design, 16 years ago, Philip has designed for a multitude of spaces and clients, ranging from Park Avenue apartment to rambling country home. For Philip, designing a home is creating a narrative. Often incorporating bold colors, a mix of eclectic furnishings and vivid artwork, all of these elements come together to draw the viewer in and ask them to take a second look and discover the story running through the design.

Discover more about our LUXList Designer’s inspiration and aesthetic! See what pieces they choose from to be on his LUXList.

Philip’s LUXList Picks

Set of Twenty-four Antler Austrian Trophies with Foliate Carved Backs
Adolf Loos Lamp – Edition 1914
Pierre Chareau reedition double “Fly” sconce

Describe your design aesthetic in a few words?

I like to design interiors with narrative and authenticity; spaces that are original and tell stories about where they are and who they belong to.

What do you love about using antiques in your designs?

Antique are an essential ingredient in creating narrative and interest in a room. I weave them into every project. 

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by travel, nature and the history of design.

What can you never have too much of?

I can never have too many groupings of objects, such as turquoise and yellow ceramic vases in different shapes. They take the time to accumulate and create such impact when grouping.

If you could design for a fictional character who would it be and why?

I’d like to design for someone like Babe Paley. She was glamorous and had such great taste. I feel that people like her are the ones we are missing today, and they were such important supporters of interior design.

Philip is a fan of the impact that grouping objects creates, such as the turquoise vase collection in this design.
Often mixing bold colors, this rich red and turquoise combination compliments beautifully.
Client’s tastes, lifestyles, and backgrounds are essential to take into consideration when designing, a gallery wall is a great way to include elements of all three while making a design statement.


Since 2001 when he opened his Manhattan-based design firm, Philip Gorrivan has become known worldwide for stylish interiors that marry elegant historical references with sophisticated modernism. From a gracious Park Avenue apartment or a sleek downtown loft to a rambling country home,  Philip creates spaces that effortlessly reflect his clients’ needs and dreams.

He doesn’t merely decorate; instead, his goal is something deeper: creating a unique, authentic narrative. Using a vivid yet refined sense of color, a palette of textures and an exquisite eye for objects, art, and furnishings, his work transcends period and milieu. His vision often includes antiques that range from the 18th century to French modern, but his tailored arrangements are always redolent with an up-to-date sensibility. He is a master of creating ambiance with surprising simple gestures, merely lacquering a wall and placing in front of it a perfect object. With unfailing attention to scale, he takes chances and injects a jolt of glamour, but never forgets that a room ultimately needs to reflect the inner life of those that inhabit it.

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