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LUXList Designer Edition | Sandra Espinet

An international traveler from a young age,  Designer Sandra Espinet combines the knowledge and experiences she’s gained through globetrotting into eclectic and diverse interior designs. The countries she’s visited, design styles and cultures she’s observed, as well as day to day life itself, all form an extensive source of inspiration for her. It’s from this wellspring that Sandra distills an aesthetic which is relaxed yet attentively layered. Visually engaging, Sandra’s designs are rich and lush with multiple points of interest, but always maintain approachability. For LUXList’s Holiday Special, we sought Sandra’s views on decorating aesthetics and favored ways to spend the holidays.

LUXLIST Sandra Espinet


Describe your design aesthetic in a few words?

Casual, yet fabulous.  I call it Barefoot Luxury, coincidentally, the name of my new book.

What do you love about using antiques in your designs?

Well done traditional is great, but I much prefer to mix and blend in antiques so they don’t feel old and tired. One good antique can go a long way.  Choose well. Make it shine.  

Sandra celebrates the holidays with a day at the beach with family and delicious food.
Sandra celebrates the holidays with a day at the beach with family and delicious food.

What inspires you?

Life!  Inspiration is all around me.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate the holidays?

My family and I have bypassed the traditional big gift giving in lieu of spending time together on the beach.  We cook, pack a huge picnic and spend the day on a virtually deserted beach out on the East Cape of Cabo Mexico.  It’s really great.

What are some details of your signature style?

Fabulosity and comfort combined to create a nonfussy elegant lifestyle.  I can’t deal with an overly pretentious design that takes away the human connection.

How would you decorate your table if you were hosting a holiday dinner? 

I love flowers and I would gladly fill any of these and add to the center of any dinner table:

Vintage Italian Bitossi Rimini Pedestal Bowl circa 1965

Zsolnay Floor Vase

Victorian Silver Monteith Bowl

What would be included in your RubyLUX Holiday Wish List?

A Platinum Engagement Ring with a 15.03 Carat Radiant Diamond 

It would make me feel like a million!

tickle me pink!

Antique French Table Top Vanity Shell Mirror Iron Frame circa 1890

Mirror, mirror on the wall….


Sandra has coined her design style Barefoot Luxury - casual, yet fabulous.
Sandra has coined her design style Barefoot Luxury – casual, yet fabulous.

About Sandra Espinet

Sandra Espinet is an allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and a lifelong traveler who represents the epitome of relaxed luxury and casual international style.

Her experience and extensive travel have given Sandra a unique perspective in her design work, which has been published in numerous international publications. She has received numerous awards and distinctions and has appeared on several HGTV shows and as a guest on several radio shows.

Her first book, The Well Traveled Home, reveals the soul of luxury homes blending fabulous objects culled from around the globe. Sandra’s creativity continues to grow and now extends to product design, most recently seen in her upcoming fabric collection for Guildery and her Tibetan rug line for Aga John Oriental Rugs.

Sandra currently resides and works in Los Angeles, CA and in Los Cabos, Mexico, where she owns and operates her design firm S.E. Design Services.