LUXList Designer Edition | Sean Juneja and Markus Weber of Décor Aid

Sean Juneja and Markus Weber founded Décor Aid with the intention of making design services affordable and accessible to all. Their designs are as intriguing as the elements that inspire them. These global/time travelers make their stamp on the design world with  moments and piece ranging from various locales and eras. We are delighted to present them as this weeks LUXList Designers. See their work below and the unique pieces they chose from a vast curated collection on We think you’ll be inspired by their work too!

Sean & Markus’ LUXList Picks

Great unique masculine armchairs. A pair of these in a gentleman’s library, smoking room or office would be very sexy.

These are a way to bring fun into a sophisticated living room as coffee tables, making the space avant-garde and unexpected.

Great way to divide a room up and serve as a sculpture piece.

This statement piece is meant to be seen, perfect on a styled console or sideboard.

This desk is every minimalist’s dream. Can be used as a stand-alone piece in a room.

Describe your design aesthetic in a few words?

A combination of pieces representing different eras and cultures from around the world which creates timeless interiors.

What do you love about using antiques in your designs?

They bring soul to a space and it is an opportunity to express ones personality in a room.

What inspires you?

The world, ways different cultures live, the way textiles have been created and used throughout centuries, the colors of spices and foods, ancient and modern architecture.

The muted palette in this cityscape loft is sleek and sophisticated. Decor Aid draws design inspiration from the surrounding environment.
Eclectic art pieces and accessories, together with a statement sofa give this unassuming space character and personality – Loving the pops of turquoise!
Natural wooden textures combined with modern furnishings in neutral tones create a clean, fresh vibe and emphasis the spaciousness of the kitchen and dining area.

About Décor Aid

Sean Juneja and Markus Weber met a decade ago when they were colleagues in London. After they both relocated to New York for work, they realized that accessing great interior design was far too complicated and expensive. So, they founded Décor Aid to make luxurious interior design effortless and accessible.