LUXList Designer Profile | Niloufar Bakhtiar-Bakhtari

We are honored to feature Niloufar Bakhtiar-Bakhtari of NBB Design as our LUXList Designer. Niloufar has a rich background in textile, furniture, and interior design, which is evidenced in the extensive detail  of her designs  and  her style. For Niloufar, creating a comfortable yet functional home is a key aspect of her work.

Explore her designs and her curated LUXList composed of unique decor pieces and decorative arts. The London- based award winning interior designer has talked with us about her inspiration and view on design. Discover more  and create your own LUXList with luxury designs, from past and present on


Italian Black Zebra Marble Serpenti Box

A TAILOR’S RITUAL by chmara.rosinke

Flair Edition Brutalist Brass Sculptural Screen

Full Size Taxidermy Polar Bear Mounted on a Rock

9 pieces of brass wall sconces 1970 Italy Milano

Describe your design aesthetic in a few words?

The word ‘aesthetic’ is rooted in the philosophical discipline about an objects perception. This incorporates all senses and ultimately beauty. For me, aesthetics are very personal, which explains my decision to interview my clients, to try to understand their style, preferred aesthetic. This will allow me to translate this style into the home. I do not champion a particular house style, and rather a refreshing and spontaneous partnership with clients to establish expressive and creative interiors. I always probe the creative psyche of the clients to reveal their personality and unique style that I will weave into the home. I always advise for a home to incorporate a playful element of design, and that a home should never be too serious.

What do you love about using antiques in your designs?

Antiques add an extra dimension and character to a room, by adding an element of warmth and a unique fresh appearance, that breaks up an otherwise often soulless curated space. Regardless of the time period which they are from, antiques add warmth to an interior. Antique pieces reflect the evolution in taste, and also reveals character.

What inspires you?

I am ultimately influenced by my exciting creative surroundings. This spans art, museums, fairs, galleries, literature and the inspiring people I am so fortunate to meet. Classic art history always opens my eyes to a new perspective on design, able to trace the steps in the long and interesting history of art and design. I recently had the pleasure of meeting artist Tony Cragg, who opened my eyes to a totally new perspective on not only his work, but also my own! In terms of literature, I find the elegant descriptions of Balzac’s staircase or library truly inspiring and forever at the forefront of my mind.

What is your favorite LUXList piece and why?  How would you use it?

This was impossible to select just one, so I have chosen these wall lights, that I can imagine scattered on a staircase wall or corridor, to fuse art and light into one concentrated space.
I also chose this wonderful piece for its unique brass detail that one would never tire of.









We love neutral colors and varied textures of this bedroom vignette. Niloufar shows us how subtle differences in shade can work in harmony to create a warm and personal space.
Thanks to bold pops of color posed against a consistent neutral background, this welcoming bathroom feels anything but cluttered. The art piece and hanging jewelry provide personal tastes in an often-overlooked room.
A perfect example of different design eras creating a space that is completely one’s own. A simple color choice accompanies a wide range of design styles that just make sense, like the desk and with theses ornate chairs
ABOUT Niloufar Bakhtiar-Bakhtiari of NBB Design

After studying law and languages, Niloufar Bakhtiar-Bakhtiari made a career u-turn into the design industry. From a very early age she was submersed in the architecture and design world and always knew that this would be the sector in which she needed to work in to fulfil her ambitions.

After an initial career designing furnishings and fabrics, Niloufar established her own interior design studio, NBB Design in 1999, specialising in the complete design, specification and implementation of exclusive interior and exterior spaces. A bespoke furniture design service for larger items such as beds, chairs, tables and cabinetry is also available.

With a dedicated team of experienced builders and specialist suppliers, Niloufar has created a unique decorating style and a level of service that is unparalleled. Each project is treated on an individual basis and the architecture and location is duly considered. Niloufar believes in working closely with her clients to ensure their requirements are met and projects are delivered on time and on budget. For Niloufar, creating a comfortable yet functional home is a key aspect of her work.

Our team of skilled interior designers handle all aspects of a design project from concept through to completion. Their experience and passion for design is visible in every project undertaken.

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