What to See | Louis Vuitton: The Style and Spirit of Adventure


Better Than a Passport; Show Them Your Vuitton!

Travel is the only expense in the world that makes one richer. Whether it’s a serious case of wanderlust or a longing for quick adventure, the spirit of travel — whether lying dormant or otherwise — awakens the senses and opens opportunities for inspiration and creativity. This awakening occurred for Louis Vuitton in his teen years, when he succumbed to his desire to escape…and, thus, set sail as a young French designer.

From the classic LV travel chest to the mesmerizing garments that appear on every major red carpet, and from the house’s emblematic monogram to recent daring collaborations with contemporary artists, every stitch tells the story of Louis Vuitton’s illustrious heritage and trajectory of the world’s most recognizable luxury brand. A sense of fantasy resonates among its admirers — a lifestyle that embodies romance of the most profound. Louis Vuitton is the destination, and all that’s needed to get there is imagination and a reverence for craftsmanship in the signature LV style. No passport required.

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