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Andrea Wachs Interior Design
Andrea Wachs Interior Design
AZ 85728

Tel: (520) 390-3706

Andrea Wachs Interior Design is a full-service, luxury design firm located in Tucson, AZ. Andrea is passionate about creating beautifully balanced, modern rustic retreats and spaces that are inspired by global influences, artistic touches and incredible comfort. The firm specializes in custom homes and estate projects, remodels, large scope rooms and vacation homes in Arizona and throughout the US.

Andrea’s unique approach to design comes from an art history degree and her time living and working around the globe, from New York City to Europe to Tokyo.
A Tucson native, Andrea has design experience that spans over 30 years. She grew up with a rich education immersed in design and beauty, thanks to her mother who created a moving landscape of color and style in her parent’s home. Designing inspiring spaces that evoke feelings of beauty through things old and new are present throughout her portfolio.
Andrea is an Allied Member of ASID and enjoys donating her time and skills to a myriad of charitable fundraisers and organizations throughout Tucson, including Angel Charity for Children, Inc. and the Tucson Symphony Orchestra.

“Your space should reflect the beauty of what you love.” Andrea’s trademark statement which is applied to each and every project. Infusing the client’s personality, travels, lifestyle and desires are the key to successful design. This is how each project begins, working hand in hand with the client from concept through completion, listening to the client’s needs, careful planning, execution and excellent service are paramount of the firm’s success.
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