Erika Brunson
West Hollywood, CA
Erika Brunson Design
Erika Brunson Design
8581 Santa Monica Boulevard, #511
West Hollywood
CA 90069

Tel: 310-471-4140

Born in Germany and living in California, Erika Brunson is a world-class interior designer with a keen eye for extraordinary pieces. With an impressive client list that include members of the Saudi Arabian royal family, CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, and celebrities, Erika traveled the world in search of first-rate antiques and accessories before setting out to create her own line. The stylish designer is confident in her work and extremely approachable in character, qualities that paved the way for her ultimately launching her own luxury furniture reproduction line, Erika Brunson Couture Living. The line includes timeless classics and transitional pieces suited for both retro billionaires and the discerning tastemaker.

For decades, Erika has been internationally recognized as a key leader in the field of interior design. Whether she’s busy making her way across the globe finding new materials, spending her time decorating palaces in Dubai and Riyadh, or beaming with excitement as a Versailles side table fits effortlessly in a client’s home, Erika exudes assertiveness and never stops pushing the envelope. The pieces in her line, which uniquely blend traditional furniture with uncluttered elegance, are crafted to perfection by hand and ooze with comfort and style.

Erika is also widely recognized as a philanthropist and animal rights advocate. She has proven her love for animals through her work by founding the Coalition for Pets and Public Safety (COPPS), an organization that provides free or low-cost spay and neuter services in Los Angeles. She also served as a Commissioner for the Department of Animal Services twice. What’s more, all proceeds from Erika’s exclusive line of furniture and accessories go toward animal charities.

Each piece from the line is custom-created and available through showrooms nationally and internationally.
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