Paul Kairis
Waverly, PA
HOM. Personal Interiors
HOM. Personal Interiors
PO Box #122
PA 18471

Tel: (800) 835-8299

Paul J. Kairis is the Principal and Lead Designer at HOM. Personal Interiors. Paul is often asked what is a HÔM? A HÔM can be a stage for your l ife. A refuge from it. Or both. A HÔM is the place where You put your hair up and let your hair down. A HÔM hugs You when You are alone and when it is full of Friends and Family. A HÔM is the first place You see every day. The last place You see every night. A HÔM should be what You want it to be. Need it to be. Expect it to be.

We at HÔM. Personal Interiors understand all the needs of a HÔM... Far beyond the Color of Your Walls, the Pile of your Carpet, or the Style of your Furniture. At HÔM we make your HÔM a Partner in your Life. So whether you live in a Skyscraper, a Brownstone, a Cottage, a Manse, a Bungalow or a Getaway Place, we at HÔM will make it YOUR HÔM. From Palm Beach to Pebble Beach... from Newport to New York... or any place in between. Any place can be a HÔM.
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