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This large 11' long double sided neon sign was original from the late 1940s famous "The Westerner Club" in the Chula Vista city of San Diego county California. The features a young cowgirl making a jump with her trusted horse.

This sign was purchased by Mike Queen as one of San Diego's finest and last surviving pieces of sign art in 1987. Queen's rescue of the The Westerner Club Icon is a good example of the detective work that once made up the skyline in post war Southern California

Peter Luitjens the original painter of the sign was hire to repaint one side of the sign in 1987, he left intact the bullet hole put there years ago by a rowdy club customer. He also signed his work.

The sign was then purchased by Harvey Schwartz in 1991 where it was used in television and movies for about 20 years.

Overall, this is a great example of visually descriptive advertising of its era.

34" (86 cm)
132" (335 cm)
90" (229 cm)

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Large Cowgirl Neon Sign from The Westerner Club in San Diego