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Super Rare 1930's Frankart floor lamp with a base featuring 3 nude nymphs. Made of cast iron, brass and brass plated parts.

The lamp comes with a 1920s period decorated metal lamp shade.

Frankart Inc.

Arthur Frankenberg began designing and producing bookends in New York City in 1921. In 1924, he, incorporated under the name FRANKART, INC. As a designer and sculptor, Frankenberg created some of the company’s most stylized Art Deco and Art Nouveau pieces.

After a dispute with his partners in 1930, he left the company, changed his name to Von Frankenberg, and founded QUOIZEL Metal Art Company. He took some of his designs with him to Quoizel, and placed them on marble or onyx bases, as the metal bases were already stamped with the Frankart name.

Quoizel was in business for less than a year, closing in late1931. Frankart closed in 1935. The bookends produced by Frankart during its brief history are models of simplicity with beautiful lines and contours. They are extremely popular with collectors.

Condition: GOOD
Materials / Techniques: Iron, Brass, brass plated
Country: United States
Period: 1928

living room
10" (25 cm)
Art Deco
10" (25 cm)
64" (163 cm)
20th Century

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Frankart Figural Floor lamp