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"The Signing" by Stephen Verona"The Signing" by Stephen Verona

Stephen Verona Print of Andy Warhol, "The Signing"

designed by Stephen Verona
Andy, meet Andy...and Andy, and this is Andy, Andy, and Andy. Wait, what is that trio talking about? No, they seem more interesting over there... Nothing seems too bizarre for Andy Warhol, and this imagery is no exception! Juxtaposed on either side of himself, he seems perfectly comfortable having a conversation with himselves and signing himself, as it would appear - thrice! Stephen Verona has definitely gotten around! Having been friends and/or colleagues with everyone from Lee Strasberg to John Lennon to Leonard Bernstein, Stephen made an enormous name for himself in the art world. Known as the "grandfather" of the music video, this acclaimed artist shares his fun-loving spirit in his digital prints. This elongated version of The Signing is signed, embossed, and numbered 6 of 20.

13.00" (33 cm)
43.00" (109 cm)

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    "The Signing" by Stephen Verona


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