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Ceramic Construction by Steven CzaikoskiCeramic Construction by Steven Czaikoski

Ceramic Construction by Steven Czaikoski

designed by Steven Czaikoski
made by Steven Czaikoski

Detritus was a nine month-long endeavor. Stephen creates a slip cast of each bottle, then produces a clay positive and assembles the entire sculpture, glazes and fires it. This is a one-of-a-kind original. A native of Orange, California, Stephen is a self-taught painter. He attended California State University San Bernadino, where he concentrated in ceramic sculpture. Later, he moved on to interdisciplinary work. His ceramic bottle series is a comment on the pollution of our planet and the need for greater consciousness and recylcing efforts. Other pieces from this series are available.

Item ID:MEA-018

14.00" (36 cm)
17.00" (43 cm)

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    Ceramic Construction by Steven Czaikoski

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