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Acrylic Painting by J. Pierce No 2Acrylic Painting by J. Pierce No 2Acrylic Painting by J. Pierce No 2

Original Acrylic Painting by J. Pierce 2

designed by J. Pierce
made by J. Pierce

WELCOME J.PIERCE! to the family of uber talented artists represented @ material[ENVIRONMENT]. JUSTIN PIERCE is the newest most prolific pop artist on the scene with an A+LIST of celebrity clientele. He has produced these 3 paintings especially for the "let there be..WHITE!" Show at m[E]. De/void of the vibrant coloring he typically uses in his artwork. we feel that by the elimination of color he has rooted his image in its purest sense, allowing the character to come alive with his determined yet simplistic brush/strokes. His use of depth of field combined with the whites/neutrals give them their pop/3/dimensionality. YOUR time to collect J.PIERCE! commisioned murals and artworks are available too

Item ID:MEA-024

36" (91 cm)
24" (61 cm)
Pop Art
Acrylic Paint
21st Century
J. Pierce

Material Environment

Ramon Delgado-Maynes
7466 Beverly Blvd Suite 101
Los Angeles
CA 90036
Tel: (310) 272-4912
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    Acrylic Painting by J. Pierce No 2

    $1,200 USD