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Chubby F*ckChubby F*ckChubby F*ckChubby F*ckChubby F*ck

Chubby F*ck mixed media Painting

the main character in the family of WOE. this is WOE! he's a little large for a panda so the kids taunt him [as they did me] beautifully worked with a brush and ink and the glimpse of iridescent copper. museum framed with the "shipping" cardboard painting floating on graphed matte board and flat black lacquered frame.

Item ID:MEA-031

40.00" (102 cm)
24.00" (61 cm)

Material Environment

Ramon Delgado-Maynes
7466 Beverly Blvd Suite 101
Los Angeles
CA 90036
Tel: (310) 272-4912
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    Chubby F*ck

    $950 USD