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Royal Gurkha RiflesRoyal Gurkha RiflesRoyal Gurkha RiflesRoyal Gurkha RiflesRoyal Gurkha RiflesRoyal Gurkha RiflesRoyal Gurkha RiflesRoyal Gurkha RiflesRoyal Gurkha RiflesRoyal Gurkha Rifles

These limited edition soldiers depict the legendary Gurkha Rifles c.1914 dressed in Rifle White.

The Gurkhas were once one of Britain's fiercest enemies. They come from the foothills of the Nepalese Himalayas and have fought with the Indian and British armies since the beginning of the nineteenth century. The Royal Gurkha Rifles have developed a reputation for ruggedness and loyalty that has endeared them to the British military establishment ever since. As the Gurkha Motto tells KAPHAR HUNNU BHANDA MORNU RMRO CHHAA - IT IS BETTER TO DIE THAN LIVE A COWARD.

In 1814 the British declared war on Nepal. After two long and bloody campaigns a Peace Treaty was signed at Sugauli in 1816. During the war a deep feeling of mutual respect and admiration had developed between the British and their adversaries, the British being much impressed by the fighting and other qualities of the Gurkha soldier. Under the terms of the Peace Treaty large numbers of Gurkhas were permitted to volunteer for service in the British East India Company's Army. From these volunteers were formed the first regiments of the Gurkha Brigade, and from this time stems Britain's friendship with Nepal, a country which has proved a staunch ally ever since and has become our 'oldest ally' in Asia.

From the Sikh War to the Indian Mutiny throughout the next 50 years there was much active service for the Gurkha Rifles in Burma, Afghanistan, the North-East and the North-West Frontiers of India, Malta, Cyprus, Malaya, China (the Boxer Rebellion of 1900) and Tibet (Younghusband's Expedition of 1903). In the two World Wars the Gurkha Brigade suffered 43,000 casualties, and to date it has won 26 Victoria Crosses - 13 by Gurkhas and 13 by British Officers. There are currently some 3,400 Gurkhas in the British Army. The Brigade continuesto play a full and active part in contemporary British military operations.

9" (23 cm)
46.5" (118 cm)
20th Century
Folk Art
12" (30 cm)

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    Royal Gurkha Rifles

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