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Lidded Jar by Johann LoetzLidded Jar by Johann LoetzLidded Jar by Johann Loetz

Glass, mouthblown, cold enamel painted. Decoration Ausfuhrung 165, c.1916

Beginning with the year 1900 the glassworks Johann Loetz-Witwe Klostermuhle courted for a cooperation with important artists from Europe. The Viennese artists from the vicinity of the Wiener Sezession worked long and frequently for the manufacture. Besides Josef Hoffmann and Dagobert Peche, the pupil of Hoffmann, Hans Bolek, drew many designs for glasses for Loetz. Bolek has been strongly influenced by Peche and Hoffmann and continued the success of the two artists.

The blueprint of this bowl can be dated back to the years 1915 and 1916 and was drewn by Hans Bolek. It is characterized by a very difficult and complex technique where a second, transparent layer of glass was applied to the first, coloured glass layer. Shape and decoration remind of works by Peche or Hoffmann and make this object a wonderful example of one of the best periods in the history of Loetz.

6" (15 cm)
7" (18 cm)

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    Lidded Jar by Johann Loetz

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