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Ernst Huber Winter Landscape 1943Ernst Huber Winter Landscape 1943

The young Ernst Huber began his career as a self-taught painter in the 1920s. The success of his first exhibition in 1919 encouraged him to start as an artist. Barely ten years later he was a member of the Vienna Secession and regularly took part at its exhibitions. As a passioned traveler he explored Europe and the world. He captured his impressions in watercolors and oil paintings.

The terror of World War II influenced Huber’s art. A more pastose style of painting and obscure tones characterize his works from the 1940s. He painted this Winter Landscape in 1943 when he moved from Vienna to Wagrain. Huber found new themes and motifs, capturing the picturesque landscapes of the snow-covered alpine villages in his striking, expressionist style.

22.8" (58 cm)
27.5" (70 cm)

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    Ernst Huber Winter Landscape 1943

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