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Ernst Huber „Lake Vermunt“ 1938/39Ernst Huber „Lake Vermunt“ 1938/39Ernst Huber „Lake Vermunt“ 1938/39Ernst Huber „Lake Vermunt“ 1938/39Ernst Huber „Lake Vermunt“ 1938/39Ernst Huber „Lake Vermunt“ 1938/39

Ernst Huber was an important Austrian painter of the interwar period. A recurring and central theme in his paintings is the landscape, with which he expresses his love for nature and his strong attachment to his homeland.

Here, he captures a motif from the Vorarlberg mountains. He offers a particular view of the Montafon with the glaciated mountain peaks of the Silvretta group. As through eagles’ eyes, the viewer is being led down into the narrow valley catching sight of lake Vermunt in the very distance embedded into the majestic mountain range. With a dynamic stroke the artist sketches some details only fleetingly, such as the trees on the lower right or the hamlets down in the valley. All the more precisely, he opens up the mountain panorama on the horizon and masterfully leads the beholder to the most distant mountain peaks. Huber also elegantly implements the liberating ascent from the dark valley gorge up to truly clear heights in formal terms with the use of the upscale format.

Huber created "Vermunt" in 1938/39 at the height of his career. In 1935 the painter had been awarded the Austrian State Prize for Painting. Today his works can be found in the collections of the Austria Belvedere Gallery, the Albertina, the Leopold Museum and the Oesterreichische Nationalbank.

Bib: comp. Oesterreichische Nationalbank (ed.), „Austrian paintings of the interwar period. The collection of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank“, Vienna 2005, pages 58, 78-82

39.3" (100 cm)
27.6" (70 cm)

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    Ernst Huber „Lake Vermunt“ 1938/39

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