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Acrylic Paint on Canvas "Six Shades of Gray", 2020 by Maxim Pritula - image 1 of 5

Acrylic painting on self made canvas. Signed and dated on the back. Framed. The artwork comes directly from the artist's studio.
Measurements: Height: 34.65 in ( 88 cm ), Width: 42.01 in ( 106,7 ), Depth: 0.98 in ( 2,5 cm )

Maxim Pritula is an visual artist and musician living and working in Berlin. Born 1985 and raised in Odessa. He joined a jewish-orthodox school in Odessa and Jerusalem.
2003 emigration to Germany with a part of the family.
2009 studied visual communication by Prof. Herbert Wentscher and fine arts by Prof. Norbert Hinterberger at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar.
2012 graduated as bachelor of fine arts.
2013 released a music album at the recording label "DIA" in Leipzig. Worked with a music producer Frithjof Rödel ( Atomino studio Erfurt ) and musician Maria Antonia Schmidt ( Chapeau Claque )
2015 Studied culture and literature sciences by prof. Sussane Frank at the Humboldt-University in Berlin. Graduated As a master of arts. Continuing working as a fine artist and musician. Now cooperating with a berlin artist Claudia Fauth ( ART 1900 )

"As i feel music, i also love to get in touch with materials, that has been created by the vibration of the universal sound."
Maxim Pritula

AA 0191-09-2022
Blue, Gray
0.984" (2 cm)
Acrylic Paint, Canvas
42.008" (107 cm)
34.646" (88 cm)
21st Century

Art 1900

Kurfurstendamm 53 4.Etage
Berlin D-10707
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Acrylic Paint on Canvas "Six Shades of Gray", 2020 by Maxim Pritula

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