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Simon Habicht Oil on Canvas "Plants in August", 2019 - image 1 of 6

Oil painting on canvas, 2019. Signed and dated on the back. Unframed. Ready to hang.
Dimensions: 23.62 x 23.62 in ( 60 x 60 cm ). Depth 0.79 in ( 2 cm )

Simon Habicht was born in 1972 in Winterthur. Grew up in Freienstein. The Swiss artist was interested in painting and experimental art from an early age. He attended the preparatory course of the Zurich High School for Design and the advanced training class of the School for Experimental Design F + F in Zurich. After training as a photographer, Simon Habicht worked as a freelance artist in Berlin from 1995 to 2000. Simon Habicht attended the Summer Academy in Salzburg and took part in courses by Hermann Nitsch, Marina Abramovic and the Zhou Brothers. Simon Habicht has been working in his studio in Winterthur, Switzerland since 2000.
Selection Exhibitions:
1986 Art in the Village, Rorbas
1992 Gottfried Keller Center, Glattfelden
1993 Wyler am Teich, Embrach
1996 art rooms Berlin
1996 Gottfried Keller Center, Glattfelden
1997 Gorki, Berlin
1998 Wyler am Teich, Embrach
1999 House "Zur Rose", Feuerthalen
2000 Sigrist cellar Bülach
2001 Café Klaus, Bülach
2002 Gottfried Keller Center, Glattfelden
2004 Galerie Werkstatt-Laden, Winterthur
2005 Sigrist cellar Bülach
2007 Wyler am Teich, Embrach
2009 Gottfried Keller Center, Glattfelden
2009 Galerie Joy, Zurich
2010 Rein art gallery, Neuhausen

AA 0230-03-2023
Blue, Green, Pink, White
0.787" (2 cm)
Canvas, Oil Paint
23.622" (60 cm)
23.622" (60 cm)
21st Century

Art 1900

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Simon Habicht Oil on Canvas "Plants in August", 2019

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