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Original Bertoia Diamond Chair Revisited by Clement BrazilleOriginal Bertoia Diamond Chair Revisited by Clement BrazilleOriginal Bertoia Diamond Chair Revisited by Clement BrazilleOriginal Bertoia Diamond Chair Revisited by Clement Brazille

Created by French designer Clément Brazille, bertoia loom chair is a reinterpretation of some of the iconic works of Italian-born American designer Harry Bertoia. The chair is an original Bertoia chair customized by Brazille.

Dimensions: 71 x 114 x 82 cm.

Clément Brazille revamps bertoia's side chair with woven upholstery.
The ‘bertoia loom chair’ is a reinterpretation of creations by Italian-born American designer Harry Bertoia. Created by Clément Brazille, the seats are dressed in soft, woven corduroy fabric — enabling each to be unique and customizable. the plush textile, accompanied by the chairs simple forms are both inviting and comfortable. ‘bertoia loom chair’ is an homage to bertoia, on the occasion of the centenary of his birth this year.
The chairs is handweaved with a plush corduroy fabric.

The graceful diamond chair is an astounding study in space, form and function by one of the master sculptors of the last century. Like Saarinen and Mies, Bertoia found sublime grace in an Industrial material, elevating it beyond its normal utility into a work of art.

Bertoia's biography:

Harry Bertoia was born in Udine, Italy, in 1915. At the age of fifteen, his family moved to Canada and then on to Michigan. In 1932 Harry Bertoia was awarded a scholarship to Cass Technical High School in Detroit, where he studied painting and sculpture until 1936. Then he spent a year at the art school maintained by the Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts. In 1939 he was awarded another scholarship, this time for the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, which had been founded by Eliel Saarinen in 1932.
Harry Bertoia began to teach there in 1939, establishing a workshop for metalwork. Material shortages during the second world war forced the Cranbrook Academy to close its doors in 1943. At Cranbrook, Harry Bertoia met Charles Eames. In 1943 Harry Bertoia went to California, where he worked briefly with Charles and Ray Eames for the Evans Product Company, designing furniture made of bent laminated wood. In 1943 Harry Bertoia also showed jewelry of his own design in New York. In 1946 Harry Bertoia became an American citizen.
In the 1940s Harry Bertoia concentrated entirely on furniture-making; in 1950 he founded a business of his own in Bally, Pennsylvania. That same year, 1950, saw the beginning of Harry Bertoia's collaboration with Florence and Hans Knoll, whose acquaintance he had also made at Cranbrook Academy. Harry Bertoia's first chair design for Knoll, the "Model 420 Diamond" (1950-1952), featuring moulded mesh of chromium-plated steel wire, was an immediate bestseller.
Harry Bertoia earned enough royalties from it to be able to devote himself almost exclusively to sculpture from then on. Harry Bertoia made free-standing metal objects and metal sound sculptures. The original "Diamond" chair of moulded and welded steel wire is still being manufactured and marketed by Knoll.
Nowadays slightly modified variants are also sold, such as the "Model 421" with a seat cushion but otherwise the model has remained unchanged.

Clément Brazille's biography:

Clément Brazille is an important young designer recognized for his meticulous original creativity and for the artistic beauty of his artistic furniture.

Clément Brazille was born in 1986, he is a French independent designer and object creator based between Geneva and Paris. After studying Industrial product design and mechanical engineering, he graduated, in 2011, from the Higher Institute of Applied Arts in both Paris and Rennes in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. In October 2012, he met with a ceramist craftsman located near Angers in France who offered him to work and share his workshop with him during ten months. That is when Clément Brazille developed its first ceramic projects.
In September 2013, Clément Brazille was admitted for a one-year program at the Center for Experimentation and Realisation in contemporary ceramics of Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD).
He is now participating, since January 2015, in the Masterclass Skills Academy two organized by the Hermès Foundation and has recently been laureate of a call for projects of the International Design Biennal of Saint Etienne.

32" (81 cm)
28" (71 cm)
45" (114 cm)
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    Original Bertoia Diamond Chair Revisited by Clement Brazille


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