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Arman - Gilded Panther - SculptureArman - Gilded Panther - Sculpture

Arman's bronze gilded panther's sculpture.
His animal sculptures are very rare and recognized for their originality and their beauty.

Material: Bronze.
Dimensions: 31 x 50 x 9 cm
Edition: 99

Arman is a painter who moved from using objects for the ink or paint traces they leave ("cachet," "allures d'objet") to using them as the painting itself. He is best known for his "accumulations" and destruction/recomposition of objects. In October 1960, Arman, Yves Klein, François Dufrêne, Raymond Hains, Martial Raysse, Daniel Spoerri, Jean Tinguely and Jacques Villeglé, and art critic and philosopher Pierre Restany founded the Nouveau réalisme group. Joined later by Cesar, Mimmo Rotella, Niki de Saint Phalle, and Christo, the group of young artists defined themselves as bearing in common their "new perspective approaches of reality." They were reassessing the concept of art and the artist for a 20th century consumer society by reasserting the humanistic ideals in the face of Industrial Expansion.

In 1961, Arman made his debut in the United States, the country which was to become his second home. During this period, he explored creation via destruction. The "Coupes" and the "Colères" featured sliced, burned, or smashed objects arranged on canvas, often using objects with a strong "identity" such as musical instruments (mainly violins and saxophones) or bronze statues.

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12" (31 cm)
20" (50 cm)
4" (9 cm)
Fernandez Arman

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    Arman - Gilded Panther - Sculpture

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