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Urban Mirror, 5th Avenue, 2015 - NYC

Paolo Goltara began his career in photography as a fashion photographer collaborating with prestigious fashion magazines in Europe. He presently lives in New York City. He say’s “ New York affords me the best opportunity to explore my love of photography in all its many forms”. With his fine art photography, he is trying to show the beauty and the energy that revolves around New York City, from a fresh new perspective.”

Digital image printed on silver gelatin baryta paper, 310gsm

From a limited edition of 25

This artwork is sold in a 16x20 Mat, include a certificate of authenticity

Signed and numbered on the front

Item ID:nyc24_2015

20" (51 cm)
24" (61 cm)
Modern Art
21st Century
Paolo Goltara

NYC Limited Edition

Online Art Gallery
New York City
NY 10001
Tel: (347) 636-6498
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    Urban Mirror, 5th Avenue, 2015 - NYC

    $1,850 USD ea.

    Quantity available: 25