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Girl with brown hair | 2013 | Linocut | Edition of 18 | Erik Renssen (NL. 1960) - image 1 of 7

Staring back at us is a bold and beautiful woman with mask like features. The warm colors and palm leaf motif in the woman's hair give this lovely linocut by Dutch artist Erik Renssen a slightly tropical mood. Renssen has carved into plates of linoleum to create this limited edition, multicolor artwork. After the first color is printed, the artist then carves away what is not needed for the second color and so on, causing the plate to be destroyed throughout the printing process and ensuring that no more prints can be made afterwards. The clean lines of the finished work appear effortless, despite the careful planning and consideration required for this complex printing process.

Edition of 18 · Prices for works on paper do not include the price of the frame · Please contact us for the framed price · Including the framing suggestion in the photographs the artwork measures 21.3’’ high by 19.3’’ wide (54 cm high x 49 cm wide) · We are happy to make alternative framing suggestions · All our frames are custom, handmade frames made by master frame maker Guy Sainthill · All prices include shipping.

Erik Renssen (b. 1960, Deventer, NL.) is an independent artist - an intellectual assembler of images. Although primarily a painter, Renssen also enjoys making limited edition lithographs, linocuts and sculptures in bronze. Renssen’s admiration for the work of Pablo Picasso has resulted in a meticulous study of the great master’s work. He has internalised Picasso’s visual language and he uses it to paint his own personal stories. The artist is represented by Renssen Art Gallery which is located in the Spiegelstraat in Amsterdam’s historic art district.

Shown in the book RENSSEN on page nr 314. Hand signed book offered upon purchase.
Lino Cut
Modern Art
14" (36 cm)
Erik Renssen
16" (41 cm)
21st Century

Renssen Art Gallery Amsterdam

Suzka Renssen
Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 44
Amsterdam 1017 DG
Tel: +31 6 34261770
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Girl with brown hair | 2013 | Linocut | Edition of 18 | Erik Renssen (NL. 1960)

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