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This cubist Art Deco vase was designed by A Riecke for the famous restaurant La Coupole in Paris. It is engraved with the date 1937. A Riecke was from Russian origin. He settled in Paris and was responsible for the Art Deco glass decor of restaurant La Coupole.
This restaurant is famous for having been a favourite place for all the artists part of the so called Montparnasse group in the late 1920s and 1930s such as Derain, Léger, Soutine, Man Ray, Brassai, Kisling, Picasso. The restaurant is a listed building and one of the most famous place in Paris as it has kept its beautiful Art Deco decoration.

5" (13 cm)
8" (20 cm)
8" (20 cm)

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    Cubist Art Deco Vase by A Riecke, France, from Restaurant La Coupole, Dated 1937

    ~ $2,693

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