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Louis XVI-style Bureau cylindreLouis XVI-style Bureau cylindreLouis XVI-style Bureau cylindreLouis XVI-style Bureau cylindre

IMPORTANT Louis XVI-style cylinder desk inlaid rosewood, rosewood and sycamore decorated with diamonds and rich ornamentation of gilded bronzes.
It rests on four tapered legs quadrangular bronzes nets, and opens with three drawers belt highlighted by water leaves friezes. The escutcheon are knotted medallions, the middle drawer is decorated with a gilded bronze plate decorated with putti musicians and gardeners. The cylinder with two handles celery leaves is decorated with a large gilded bronze medallion representing a homage to Cupid, and discovered four drawers, three lockers and a removable tray. The top is inlaid belted a golden brass gallery adjourned beads and ovals. Epoque nineteenth century in the style of Henri DASSON.
Provenance: Sale Lady MOND at his home in Rochefort in EARTH. LADY MOND by her marriage to Sir Robert MOND was one of the richest women s and the most prominent of his time. This office is based on a model of Jean-Henri RIESENER kept at the Louvre Museum (Garlic Sylly). It was controlled by Queen Marie-Antoinette for his apartments at the Tuileries.

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44" (113 cm)
44" (112 cm)
20" (52 cm)
Louis XVI
19th Century

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    Louis XVI-style Bureau cylindre

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