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Jean Prouve 'Granito' Table, Vitra 2002Jean Prouve 'Granito' Table, Vitra 2002Jean Prouve 'Granito' Table, Vitra 2002Jean Prouve 'Granito' Table, Vitra 2002Jean Prouve 'Granito' Table, Vitra 2002Jean Prouve 'Granito' Table, Vitra 2002

This is one of a few prototypes which were handbuild at the Vitra Workshop for the reedition of Jean Prouves
Granito table in 2002. As far as we know the only existing copy which has a black Granito top worldwide. We
purchased this copy from a Prouve Collector in Hamburg, Germany. Moreover, there are a few, very rare copies with
a pink Granito Top. We have the great fortune to offer also such a copy of the Granito table with a pink stone-top.
Shortly after release the Prouve Collection in 2002, the Granito table vanishes completely from the market. Prouve
designed the table in 1945-1950 for the Flavigny Sanatoria in France. Also from the original tables of this period only
a few survived.

Concerning our copy, which were released in 2002, it has to be said that the table was much to complicated to handle, due
to the heavy granite-stone top and also to expensive to introduce it successfully to the market. Vitra decides to stop the
manufacturing of the tables within a very short period of time and only a few handmade items were completed, for the lack of
dealers and costumers demand.

Condition: The table is in fantastic condition, with a very Fine soft polished stone surface. A real beautiful condition,
nearly like fresh out of the workshop. A unique and very scarce piece of design history! Collectors item!

Flavigny Table (No. 504). Peter Sulzer, Jean Prouvé, Complete Works, 2005, page 184

Le Regard D'Alan, 1991, Granito Table, page 142, no. 172.

29" (74 cm)
30" (76 cm)
Jean Prouvé
Mid 20th Century
dining room
Mid-Century Modern
80" (203 cm)

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    Jean Prouve 'Granito' Table, Vitra 2002

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