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The striking centerpiece was designed by Josef Hoffmann in 1915 for the Wiener Werkstätte as a commission piece. The broad facets intersect the polished surface in 12 sections and give the vessel its characteristic gem like shape.

This magnificent mouth blown piece of timeless design was manufactured by Meyr's Neffe in Bohemia and clearly shows the rich and skillful tradition of glass manufacturing the region is worldwide famous for.

Clearly visible decorative etching of the mark at the bottom.

Please find an identically shaped vase in the Wiener Werkstätte archive of the Museum for Applied Arts, Vienna, listed under:
WWF 90-80-9 "Schale Nr. H 148.“.

The vase is also described in the following publication about the glass ware of the Viennese Secession;
'Glas des 20.Jhdt, Jugendstil - Art Deco by Pazaurek, Gustav E., Spiegl, Walter
Published by Klinkhardt & Biermann, Munich 1983; p. 109, ill. 99’.

Condition: Good. Natural wear to the bottom because of age and specially due to the flat surface of the base.

Josef Hoffmann
5.12" (13 cm)
Vases & Bowls
7.48" (19 cm)

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    Marked Royal Blue Josef Hoffmann Centerpiece for the Wiener Werkstätte, 1915


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