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A copper figure of Amoghapasa
Nepal, 15th century
Finely modeled, standing in a slightly-flexed pose on a lotus base with pointed petals, his eight radiating arms holding a sutra, trident, lotus, kundika, lasso, and rosary, and displaying the gestures of charity and teaching, his broad face surmounted by a tall crown secreting a diminutive Amitabha nestled in his chignon.
5 3/4 in. (14.6 cm) high

Amoghapasa represents a tantric form of Avalokiteshvara and is particularly popular in Nepal, where he is regarded as the tutelary deity of the Kathmandu Valley.
The Nepalese style is both graceful and conservative. Compare the similar lithe body and cascading folds that connect with the lotus base on an Ascetic Avalokitevara published in von Schroeder, Buddhist Sculptures in Tibet: India and Nepal, 2001, p. 502, no. 16A-B, and Reedy, Himalayan Bronzes, 1997, pl. N230. Compare also to a 15th century paubha of Amoghapasa held in the Victoria and Albert Museum (IS.58-1977).

HAR - 41061
Collection of Leo D. Arons, Princeton, New Jersey
Acquired from Lester & Robert Slatoff, New Jersey, 4 October 1972

Asian Art
5.75" (15 cm)
18th Century and Earlier

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A copper figure of Amoghapasha, 15th century, Nepal

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