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Head of a Bodhisattva
Ancient Region of Gandhara
Blue-Grey Schist
Circa 2nd - 3rd century, Kushan period
Height: 13 in. [33 cm]
Private Belgian collection, by inheritance, originally
acquired by his father during a working stay in
Pakistan in the 1960’s.

This finely carved head of a bodhisattva features an
elegant turban secured at the center by a carved clasp
with makara elements, the broad straight forehead in
the classical style offset with a raised urna, his face
bearing a deeply meditative expression, with downcast
eyes and strong aquiline nose, a stylized curled
mustache over bow-shaped lips. The cheekbone and
chin are sculpted in a commanding manner, elongated
earlobes symbolizing the Buddha’s renunciation of
princely life.
Compare the very fine turban elements and facial
characteristics of the present work with another head
of a bodhisattva in the Los Angeles County Museum of
Art, see Pratapaditya Pal, Indian Sculpture, Vol. 1, Los
Angeles, 1986, p. 168, Cat. No. S46.
The use of Classical ornament underscores the
Hellenistic influence on Gandharan art. For other
bodhisattva images with elaborately carved turbans,
see F. Tissot, Gandhara, Paris, 1985, figs, 171-183.

Bodhisattva Head- 1
Stone & Brick
Asian Art
13" (33 cm)
18th Century and Earlier
Decorative Objects

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    Head of a Bodhisattva, Ancient Region of Gandhara, circa 2nd/ 3rd century, Kushan Dynasty

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