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Kunzang AkorKunzang AkorKunzang Akor

Kunzang Akor
14th century
Gilt Bronze
11 inches (28 cm)
Provenance: Private European Collection, acquired from Jean Claude Moreau-Gobard, Paris
Kunzang Akor is a Bonpo deity, and is easily recognized by the Tibetan letter “A” imprinted on his chest at heart level. The Bon religion predates Buddhism, and is believed to be the original faith of the Himalayan region. A sculpture of this type is often times commissioned as a death memorial, this one most likely belonging to a very influential figure. This extremely fine piece is seated in a meditative posture on a double-lotus base featuring two birds. He is seen with his hands held together on his lap holding a water pot, above the stems of the flowers which continue up to the shoulders of Kunzang Akor. This rare figure’s elongated ears are pierced with large disc shaped adornments encase a peaceful expression adorning the face, surmounted by an elaborate five point crown flanked with a prominent peaked hair bun.

Item ID:Kunzang Akor Tibet 14th Cent

11" (28 cm)
Asian Art
18th Century and Earlier
Asian, Historical

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    Kunzang Akor

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