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Nayika Bhed, Mugdha: Navala Vadhu (The Newly Wedded)
Kangra, India, Circa 1810
Opaque watercolors heightened with gold on wasli
Painting: 10 ¼ x 7 ¾ in. (26 x 20 cm)

Nayikas are a classification of heroines categorized by their relationship and response to men. They are put into a fourfold grouping by Keshav Das, according to age: up to sixteen (bala), from sixteen to thirty (taruni), from thirty to fifty-five (PraudhaI), and over fifty- five (vriddha)
“The old and the learned say that tender in the years, this Nayika grows gradually, and her brilliance increases day by day” -Randhawa
This particular scene is an example of Mugdha or Navodha, which is subsequently divided into Navala- Vadha (the newly wedded). Here the maiden is seen dressed in green and draped by a delicate translucent orhani, garbed in elaborate jewelry seeking comfort from her confidante. Framed by an oval opening with floral arabesques on the spandrels
“The young lady has bowed her head; her face is partly veiled. The submissive grace of the Navodha seen in this picture is so typical of countless Indian brides, particularly in the rural area, which has as yet escaped modern education.... we may almost feel the wild beating of her heart and the tremulous touch of her red-stained fingers...” -Coomaraswamy

Randhawa, M. S. Kangra Paintings on Love. New Delhi: National Museum, 1962. Print.
Pgs. 34, 35, figure 11

Nayika Bhed, Mugdha: 1
7.75" (20 cm)
10.25" (26 cm)
Early 19th Century

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Nayika Bhed, Mugdha: Navala Vadhu (The Newly Wedded)