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A gilt bronze figure of Vajradhara, Tibet, Circa 1400 - image 1 of 5

Tibet, Circa 1400
9.8 inches (24 ½ cm)
Gilt Bronze and Semi- Precious stone inlay
Private European collection acquired in the 1950’s
Seated in padmasana on a double-lotus base with his arms in vajrahumkara mudra (highest
energy) holding the vajra and ghanta, clad in a dhoti and a shawl draped over his shoulders with
jointed hems extending from his elbows and freely flowing symmetrically downward, adorned
with a belt and necklaces of bead and pendant
swags, anklets, bracelets, and leaf earrings, his
steadfast expression serene and an urna of inset
turquoise, his hair pulled into a high chignon
secured with a five-leaf tiara and surmounted by a
half vajra; the base is sealed and consecrated with
a double vajra.

Vajradhara- 1
Asian Art
10" (25 cm)
18th Century and Earlier

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    A gilt bronze figure of Vajradhara, Tibet, Circa 1400

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