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Contemporary 2.25" Thick Bubinga Slab TableContemporary 2.25" Thick Bubinga Slab TableContemporary 2.25" Thick Bubinga Slab TableContemporary 2.25" Thick Bubinga Slab TableContemporary 2.25" Thick Bubinga Slab Table

Dimensions: 121.0ʺW × 42.0ʺD × 30.0ʺH
Condition: Excellent
Style: Contemporary
Description: Purl, a curling, rippling flow, is a word that pairs seamlessly with the striking but calm form of this table. It is a masterful blend of time-honored craftsmanship and contemporary design that will most certainly add a dynamic focus to any interior.

Purl was created and produced by artist/designer Gregory Higgins of Santa Inez Valley, California and designer/craftsman Niall Bourke of Kipper in Los Angeles, California. This collaboration is a unique blend of art, design, engineering, and old-world craftsmanship.

The tabletop is made of Bubinga wood from West Africa. It is a two-and-a-quarter-inch thick slab measuring ten and one-half in length by approximately forty-two inches in width. Bubinga is the wood’s commercial name; the botanical name is Guilbourita Tesmanii. The tree from which this table was made was eight hundred years old, one-hundred-and-fifty-feet high and approximately seven-feet in diameter. This veneer-quality log was shipped from west Africa to Germany, where it was sawn into slabs and then kiln dried. Kiln drying is a controlled method of drying wood that reduces potential splitting and warping.

The Bubinga Slab is set on a fabricated steel base with a heavy nickel-plate finish. This base consists of a square tube superstructure sandwiched between two skins of one-eighth inch thick steel sheet. All welds are invisible, leaving the piece to appear as a solid one-inch thick plate, but without the weight. The surface grain was applied by hand and then waxed

42" (107 cm)
30" (76 cm)
Late 20th Century
dining room
121" (307 cm)
Dining Tables

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    Contemporary 2.25" Thick Bubinga Slab Table