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Extensive Ca. 1800 Gilded and Blue Glazed English Porcelain Coffee/Tea Service - image 1 of 11

38 pieces of fine antique English porcelain decorated with designs derived from Chinese Export porcelain of the late 18th century, this stunningly intricate and finely painted ensemble epitomizes the English infatuation with the fashionable elegance of tea and coffee accoutrements and rituals. All but two pieces are monogrammed “JRW,” in gilt script so ornamental that it is difficult to decipher. A meandering pearl, star and ribbon form a graceful guilloche around each rim, along with other gilded decoration to each spiral fluted porcelain body. All of the pieces are in good to excellent usable condition for either tea or coffee or as lovely petite dessert dishes to recast them in a less traditional role. No maker’s marks (except for similar but non-matching cup and saucer with Derby marks) which is typical of late 18th Century/early 19th Century porcelain in England. Pieces include:
Coffee Pot: H: 10 ¾ W: 6 ½ D: 3 ½
Cream Pitcher: H: 4 ½ W: 4 ¼ D: 2 ¼
Lidded Sugar Bowl H: 5 ¾ W: 5 ¼ D: 3 ½
Bowl H: 3 ½ Diam: 6 ¼”
all in excellent condition
Also includes:
9 matching tea cups, four with minor discoloration to limited portions of the glaze, as made (H: 2 ⅝ W: 3 ½ D: 2 ¾)
10 (Diam: 5 ½”) saucers in good to excellent condition, some with slight to moderate wear to the gilding
Plus a similar marked Derby coffee cup and saucer of the same time period
12 coffee cups (espresso size - according to the custom of the day H: 2 ¼ Diam: 3 ⅜”) all in excellent condition with the exception of one still perfectly serviceable one which has a hairline at the bottom.
Oval dish H: ½ W: 7 ¼ D: 5 ½ (probably the underplate for the tea pot), showing light gilding wear and a short hairline at the rim
Also included at no extra cost are two additional pieces: a matching teapot- the body has been restored, it is still attractive on one side for display, but not usable and an 8” dish with a noticeable repair down the middle and gilding wear.

Blue, Gold, White
English Country
Early 19th Century

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Extensive Ca. 1800 Gilded and Blue Glazed English Porcelain Coffee/Tea Service