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Lost & Found (Pair)Lost & Found (Pair)

A set from Anthony Mastromatteo's Image/Word Series.

Mastromatteo: It has always been my experience that the revival of contemporary realism can be characterized not by not only being a re-emphasis on technical proficiency but also by being a complete re-institution of many of the elements of the visual and signifying language from the times when this technical proficiency previously flourished. As a result, it is in many cases as much an historical statement as much as an art statement. I would offer that the possibilities of the technical grammar of realism have avoided engaging the developments of art movements outside of the eras during which it flourished. It has chosen History over Art. Central to this series is the attempt to put technical proficiency in relationship to some of the movements and ideas not necessarily associated with realism.

Lost & Found: : The painting is a trompe l’oeil of a closed zipper running the length of a blank panel. It tightly seals whatever might be revealed by an exploration of the possibilities of that blank canvas. In its conception and even more during its execution, Mastromatteo became aware of the similarity between the teeth of the zipper (both in color and shape) and the wall installations of Donald Judd. Though it is expressly “realistic” its essence as a work of art relies heavily on Minimalism of the era following Abstract Expressionism (or even the minimalism of musical serialism of the Second Viennese School, esp. as found in the earlier works of Anton Webern.

7" (18 cm)
Oil Paint
21st Century
Contemporary Art
5" (13 cm)

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    Lost & Found (Pair)