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Offered is a vintage carved jade and carnelian bead necklace.

At the center is a jade disc, suspended through the center hole by the smaller, polished carnelian beads. At the bottom is a carved jade 3-link chain, leading to a larger stone bead with circles carved around the sides. Above the disc are more smaller carnelian beads and 2 more carved jade link chains, each having 5 links. It's worth noting that the carved jade links were each carved from a single piece of jade. Above that are more carnelian beads leading to polished jade beads, surrounded by a carved/reticulated sterling silver tube. The remaining larger carnelian beads finish all the way to the sterling silver clasp/hook.

Measures 25"L laid out end to end (not including the clasp). The pendant drop is s-7/8" from center of jade disk.

Silver not marked, but tested as 925 silver.

Condition is excellent. Appears to be strung on a thick filament.

Carnelian, Jade
25 inches
Sterling Silver

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    Vintage Carved Jade Chain and Carnelian Beaded Necklace - Jade Disc


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