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A large and superb quality walnut-framed Tyrolean lime-wood carving, showing a scene from the life of Speckbacher in which his 12 year old son volunteers to fight for his country in1809, the reverse with 2 paper labels one with full historical details and the other showing the retail addresses for Fr. Unterberger of Innsbruck. Austrian, c1880.

Footnote: Franz Unterberger was an art gallery owner based in Innsbruck, the capital city in the state of Tyrol in western Austria. It was here that Unterberger sold works by prominent woodcarver artists such as Sebastian Steiner(1836-1896) and later by his son Ernst Steiner(1864-1934). The Steiners were well known Tyrolean court sculptors and carvers, and worked for various members of the Austrian Imperial Family.

7.5" (19 cm)
28" (71 cm)
22" (56 cm)

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    19th Century Walnut-framed Tyrolean lime-wood carving

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